X100 Fully Automatic Pallet Wrapping Machine

Product Application1

1.Pallet stretch wrapping machine use LLDPE stretch film as the main packing material to wrap the bulk cargos stacked on the pallet
2.Film provides extra support during transportation and storage to protect them from dust, moisture or damage
3.The pallet wrapping machine has been widely used in industries such as glassware, tools, electric & electronic, paper,pottery, food & beverage, etc.

Main Features

1. High efficiency and low electricity-consumption, convenient in operation.
2. The wrapping type and times can be designed on customers’ requirements.
3. Photoelectric sensor test pallet height automatic
4. Auto reset of turntable
5. Pre-stretch ratio: 300%
6. Programmable control and frequency converter is available.
7. PLC control ,manual optional. Wrap cycle (top, bottom, reinforcement) adjustment.
Variable lift speed/ film tension control. Film up/down controls.
8. Pallet stretch wraping machine soft start and soft stop.
9. Suitable for heavy pallet
10. Remote control system,fully automatic cut and clamp film 

  Clamping and cutting system1 1

 Automatic Cut and Clamp Film

 X100 automatic cut and clamp film system, let workers don't need to manually cut film and put film on pallet any more, cut & clamp fim system will do it automatically 



Pallet Grip System 4

Pallet grip system: film bottom narrowed to become film rope, film rope grip to pallet & products during wrapping.  
1. During transporting, donn't need worry the products fall down when the pallets get violent vibration. 
2. If the forklift damage the film on the bottom of pallet, the film will not break .
3. Pallet bottom grip and whole journey grip rope system can be instead of the horizontal strapping machine




Saving Film Consumption

Maximum up to 380% pre-stretch rate
Minimum the value of each meter of stretch film
Standard constant releasing film
Fixed-pointed wrapping quantitative use film



Multi-layer Function

This function can set different wrapping circles, wrapping force at any height that you want. Maximum one pallet can set 9 layers. Normal machines' wrapping force from bottom to top is the same in market, and they cannot stop or achieve reinforce wrapping function during wrapping


SIEMENS control system 1


Better Spare Parts 

SICK proximity switch
AUTONICS photoelectric switch
WEIDMULLER terminal block
SIEMENS Inverter
OMRON 24DC supply

 Film carriage system

 Advanced Safety Technology 

1. Safety device under film carriage to protect the foot or head of the operator
2. Transparent board makes it easy to find problem without opening door
3. Up and down belt deviation and demaged alarm system. Alarming in time to avoid carriage dropping down.


Pallet wrapping machine column


Intelligent Operation Guiding System 

1. X100 with LED indicator on machine
Ready for work--Blue color
During working--Green color
Alarm--Red color
2. Touch screen guide the user how to operate machine. If alarm appears,
touch screen will show you how to solve problem


Technical Data

Brand SmartWasp
Model X100
Load weight Maximum 2000KG
Turntable speed 3-12 RPM/mins
Packing height Maximum 2400mm
Turntable size 1650mm(1800mm/2000mm)
Stretch Type 300% (Motor)
Up&down speed 1.5 ~5.5m/min.
Wrapping speed 20-30 loads (Pallet: 1.0x1.2x1.8m.)
Film Width 500mm(750mm optional)
Film diameter 250mm
Film paper Core 76 mm (50 mm optional)
Film weight Maximum 17KG
Machine power 1.5KW
Voltage 220V-240V/50/60HZ Single-Phase
Machine weight 750KG
Machine size 2800*1650*2745mm(L*W*H)
Soft start&stop Inclued
Intelligent Alarm Inclued
stop at original Inclued
Speed Adjustable Inclued
Measure height Automatic
Wrapping force Adjustable
Fix film on pallet  Manual
Inverter SIEMENS
Touch screen SIEMENS
Sensor brand SICK (Germany Brand)
safety device film carriage bottom safety
Certificate CE
Pallet grip system Inclued
Product Memory Five Mode
Optional device Ramp ,Weighing scale
Cut film clamp film Fully automatic
Remote start machine Have