X0PS Intelligent Basic Pallet Wrapping Machine1

Product Application

1.Pallet stretch wrapping machine use LLDPE stretch film as the main packing material to wrap the bulk cargos stacked on the pallet
2.Film provides extra support during transportation and storage to protect them from dust, moisture or damage
3.The pallet wrapping machine has been widely used in industries such as glassware, tools, electric & electronic, paper,pottery, food & beverage, et

  1.  Main Features
  2. 1. 1500mm turntable
  3. 2. 2000mm packing height
  4. 3. Max load weight: 1500KG
  5. 4. 200% pre-stretch rate(1m to 3m), saving packing cost
  6. 5. Pre-fix film device, high packing efficiency
  7. 6. Comprehensive safety protection system



Reduce packaging cost


The pre-stretch function makes film even and transparent. The 200% pre-stretch rate helps save film cost.




 Comprehensive safety protection system 

Fall prevention system, no film&break film alarm, safety through film system, bottom pressure and injury prevention device.




Intelligent touch control with human machine delivery system

Our human machine delivery system uses SMARTWASP which is independently developed, with remote maintenance system, troubleshooting and guidance function, all the SMARTWASP winding machine unified operating system, make use of more convenient, easier to maintain


Tri-color LED safety indicator

IOT module

Remote maintenance equipment, free upgrade and equipment maintenance alarm reminder function.


 Technical Data

Brand SmartWasp
Model X0ps
Load weight Maximum 1500KG
Turntable speed 3-12 RPM/mins
Packing height Maximum 2400mm
Turntable size 1650mm(1500mm/1800mm/2000
Stretch Type 200% (Motor)
Up&down speed 1.5 ~5.5m/min.
Wrapping speed 20-30 loads (Pallet: 1.0x1.2x1.8m.)
Film Width 500mm(750mm optional)
Film diameter 250mm
Film paper Core 76 mm (50 mm optional)
Film weight Maximum 17KG
Machine power 1.5KW
Voltage 220V-240V/50/60HZ Single-Phase
Machine weight 600KG
Machine size 2550*1650*2445mm(L*W*H)
Soft start&stop Inclued
Intelligent Alarm Inclued
stop at original Inclued
Speed Adjustable Inclued
Measure height Automatic
Wrapping force Adjustable
Fix film on pallet Manual
PLC X-Line
Inverter X-Line
Touch screen SMARTWASP
Sensor brand SICK (Germany Brand)
safety device film carriage bottom safety
Certificate CE
Optional device Ramp ,Weighing scale