Stretch film

Pallet film (packaging film, stretch film)

Pallet or stretch packaging film is not only an irreplaceable material for packing various types of products used also for safe and stable fixation of goods on pallets, it works great also for protection of item surfaces from the possible damages during their transportation; besides, it optimises storage of goods in warehouses.

There are two categories of stretch films – one for automated wrapping of goods and another one for manual wrapping of goods on pallets.

The most popular operation for load fixation is manual wrapping of goods with film, i.e., the operation is carried out manually therefore in some instances such film is called hand packing film. This type of goods’ fixation is effective when working with small lots of goods and for packages of various dimensions. Film is widely used in households, small shops and production units as well as in large factories, distributor warehouses etc.

When working with large lots of goods or uniform packages, a need for process automation emerges, i.e., wrapping of goods is carried out by special equipment (pallet wrapper).

Stretch film for automated wrapping of pallets is called machine stretch film. This type of packing is extremely convenient as it decreases the operation time, film consumption and costs related to salaries. Besides, the equipment for wrapping the load (pallet wrapper) is adjustable – you can control the stretch of the film, height of wrapping and many other options.

Hand film as well as film for machines can be stretched in advance, and this type of film is called Pre-Stretch film. It is made by pre-stretching the stretch film up to a certain thickness. Pre-Stretch film is widely used in Europe.

The use of such film has many advantages over an ordinary packaging film:

  • Due to stretching the film, its consumption is decreased during packing process, therefore also the cost of packing per each unit is diminished;
  • Even slight stretching of Pre-Stretch film increases the stability of load during its transportation;
  • Manual stretching of the stretch film requires less effort;
  • During stretching the thickness of Pre-Stretch film is decreased still retaining its durability and level of load fixation.


We offer pallet films of various types and colours (the range):

  • Transparent film,
  • Black film,
  • Blue film,
  • White film, other colours are also available,

Besides, we also manufacture films for manual wrapping of goods depending on the specifications given by the customer (thickness, width, length (or winding) and weight).

Standard film dimensions:

Thickness, mic Width, mm  Winding*, m 

15 450/500 On request
17 450/500 On request
20 450/500 On request
23 450/500 On request

6.5 430 600
7 430 600
9 430 600
10 430 600

* Winding and weight complies with the customer’s needs


Thickness, mic Width, mm Stretching, % Weight, kg

12 500 150/250/300 16
15 500 150/250/300 16
17 500 150/250/300 16
20 500 150/250/300 16
23 500 150/250/300 16

7 430 Pre-stretch 10
10 430 Pre-stretch 10


Cling film

Cling film extends the storage period of food and ensures retention of its properties, protects products from effects of any outer factors and provides a good appearance of the product.

Cling film is widely used in households as well as small and large food production units.

Our range includes transparent cling film and cling film of other colours upon the customer’s request.

The cling film is fully certified for use in food industry.