Cardboard corners for pallets

Protective cardboard corners are widely used as packaging materials worldwide.

Corners are used for:

  • protection of the edges of sheet and roll materials;
  • reinforcing stiffness placed on pallets of the structure;
  • packaging products on pallets;
  • packaging of building materials;
  • packaging of agricultural products;
  • rolled metal packaging;
  • packaging of sheet and molded products;
  • packaging of large-sized household appliances;
  • protection of pallets from spillage;
  • protection of the edges of materials by folding cardboard corners;
  • protection of corrugated cardboard boxes.

Cardboard corners are environmentally friendly and 100% recyclable, recycling is possible in their production. Cardboard protective corners are now widely used as additional packaging, providing enhanced protection for transported and stored goods. Most often, protective corners are used for palletizing goods to ensure safety during storage and transportation. The use of corners made of cardboard provides protection against damage to the edges and corners of the finished product during storage and transportation, which several times reduces the financial losses of manufacturers in these operations. Moreover, the use of hard cardboards and special technology allows the use of protective corners repeatedly.

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Protective corners provide the following benefits:

  • strength and reliability of packaging;
  • the ability to put pallets with goods in two tiers during storage;
  • efficiency;
  • reduce packaging costs;
  • the possibility of recycling;
  • simple utilization.

Sizes, mm:

  • 40x40x3
  • 40x40x4
  • 45x45x2
  • 45x45x3
  • 45x45x4
  • 50x50x2
  • 50x50x3
  • 50x50x3x50
  • 50x50x4

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