Product packaging services

SIA VISAPACK ensures you with a full range of packaging services from consulting about the choice of the most appropriate material for production of packaging to offering the packaging services (packaging of the customer’s products).

We will:

  • Help you to choose the best appropriate material for production of packaging for your products.
  • Make the packaging from the chosen material.
  • Pack your goods. The service is ensured if the liquid, loose or other types of products have the primary package, i.e., the goods have to be packed in the primary package. If necessary, we will seal or hermetically close the package of your product.
  • Deliver you the packed products.

Here are SIA VISAPACK advantages:

  • Individual and customer-oriented approach.
  • Wide range and high quality of products.
  • Quality execution of orders and punctuality.
  • Professionalism and loyalty to the job we do.
  • Attractive prices.
  • Extensive experience in work with various types of packaging materials.

If you need a prompt, first-class and stress-free packaging of your products, just email us your request.