Material cutting and/or spooling service

We hereby offer for cutting and spooling of such materials as:

⁃ Films of various kinds (BOPP, LDPE, HDPE, PE);
⁃ foil;
⁃ paper, etc.
We normally use 2 types of knives for cutting – those with both straight and curved knife blades.

The maximum width of the mother roll (which needs to be cut) is 1600 mm, while the core inside diameter is 76 mm or 152 mm.   

 We cut according to pre-set, custom-tailored patterns

- Width (reel core with 50 mm and 76 mm--diameter);

- Length (the outside full diameter of the roll).

Moreover, we offer for rewinding client’s rolls to those of a smaller diameter or, for matching them to reel cores of a larger or smaller diameter.

The professional equipment of ours allows us to check automatically all the processes associated with the materials winding and reeling quality. This, in turn, guarantees an excellent end result.

To get service, please send you request to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., or call us.