Hot micro-perforation of films

The punching process is carried out by applying a combination of double-sided heating and hot needles. During the process, the “burning out” of the holes and the fusion of their edges occurs; as a result, the film acquires waterproof but “breathable” properties.

In other words, perforation increases the strength characteristics of the film, enhancing air exchange at the same time, which allows us to use our film for packaging FOOD products, ensuring their long-term storage without any loss of quality and freshness.

Perforated film can be used for packaging the following kinds of foodstuff:

  • Sweets;
  • flowers;
  • meat and fish products;
  • pastry baking;
  • vegetables and fruits;
  • cereals, porridges, and various mixtures;
  • Baby food (cereals, mixes); 
  • Any food products that can be cooked without removing the film packaging.

The proven punching technology and the professional equipment used in our production allow us to use our film on high-performance packaging lines of various enterprises.

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