Manual continuous sealing machine

Manual continuous sealing machine (pincers) with a sealing length up to 400 mm, and grooved seam width 10 mm. Sealer use continuous heating and a temperature is set by a temperature regulator. Both strips with Teflon coating are sealing, which ensures the soldering of especially thick films or films in several layers (with folds). The sealer can be used both for sealing ready-made bags and for soldering cloth or film in the sleeve. Convenient and easy to use, it has a relatively light weight. It is applied at the enterprises of almost any orientation.


Voltage (V/Hz) AC 200/50
Power(V) 750
Sealing temperature (°C) 0-250
Heating time (min) 1-3
Sealing lenght (mm) 400
Sealing width (mm) 10
Weight (kg) 2
Size (mm) 430*350*150