Heat desk, SKA450

It is designed for packaging products like: cold cuts of cheese, meat, vegetables and others food products.

This is a universal packaging equipment that has found wide application in numerous industries, shops, supermarkets, culinary, etc. It is used for packaging almost any product in food stretch film, with a maximum film width of 450 mm, the device is completely made of food stainless steel. The film lay on special holder rollers, a working platform is provided for packaging the product, at the end of the packaging process, the edges of the film bend and solder a little. In our company you can always buy necessary supplements for equipment, for example heating elements, cutting knives, heat controllers etc., that way ensuring uninterrupted work and a long service life.


Voltage (V/Hz) 220/50 110/60
Power (W) 300
Max width of film (mm) 450
Max heating temperature (℃) 160
Overall size (L×W×H) (mm) 610×470×120
Net weight(kg) 6.5